Friday, June 14, 2013

Azorius Authority

I am sorry for my delay on posting the Dragon's Maze intro decks. Normally, I am really excited for these and post them right away. For Dragon's Maze, I wasn't excited so I just posted other things. Now I am finally posting the Dragon's Maze intro decks, starting with Azorius Authority.

Lavinia of the TenthMartial Law

Lavinia of the Tenth is the foil rare and Martial Law is the second. I think the Lavinia is a bit under powered. 5 mana for a 4/4 with protection from red is, I think, only uncommon. And her detain ability doesn't make her rare. If she could detain all creatures for 1 turn, she would be an awesome rare. She cannot take out any non-land permanent with a converted mana cost of more than 4. This means she can not take out many dangerous creatures. Martial Law is much better because you can detain any creature. This can be nice if your opponent has a big, annoying creature. Here is Azorius Authority.
Lands (26)
Creatures (22)
Other spells (12)

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