Top 13 of 2013

If you remember I did a post one December 31 about the top 12 cards of 2012. I really wanted to finish the post by the new year and had only started earlier that day so I had to rush and finish it very quickly. This year I am making this page that I will update when ever there is a new set that has a good enough card. I will not put them in order just post them so you will have to wait until December 31 to know what my favorite is.

Sets that came out in 2013
Sorin vs. Tibalt
Dragon's Maze
Magic 2014
Top 13 cards
Ral ZarekGideon, Champion of JusticeTajic, Blade of the LegionVoice of ResurgenceKalonian HydraXenagos, the Reveler | Magic: The Gathering CardAurelia, the WarleaderGarruk, Caller of BeastsBlood Baron of VizkopaObzedat, Ghost CouncilScavenging OozeArchangel of Thune
Stormbreath Dragon | Magic: The Gathering Card

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