Friday, June 14, 2013

Magic 2014 Garruk Spoiler True-or-False

Just today, Magic Spoiler has done another Real or Fake post, this time for Garruk. So I promptly turned it into a Spoiler True-or-False. This time you should be able to read him so I won't put the text.
Garruk, Caller of Beast
It seems like a good planeswalker but I think it's fake.

Peoples' reactions on Magic Spoiler:

nordic92-"One more evidence, he doesn't fit Garruk's booster pack art. All booster packs nowadays have the art from a card in the set on it.
Broth-Not bad, i think it could be real. New planeswalker wasnt spoiled yet. I would play him with knight of reliquary ;)"

Bryan Johnson-"There's a few more subtle hints, such as the art style not matching Aleksi's usual style, but "Beast token" instead of "Beast creature tokens" makes it very easy to know that it's 100% fake."

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