Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Favors from Nyx vs. Manipulative Monstrosities Game 5

I decided to make a new series to find the best Intro Deck for each release. This will help new players get the best Intro Deck for them if they want to play something like Friday Night Magic but do not know how to build a deck. What I did was put all the decks on MTG Deck Builder and then play tested them. I will play a best out of five series for each match up. In the end the deck that has the greatest percentage of victory will be the best. The first match up is Favors from Nyx and Manipulative Monstrosities.
Favors from Nyx drew an opening hand of 3 Swamp, 2 Plains, Ordeal of Heliod, and Ray of Dissolution and decided to keep it. Manipulative Monstrosities of 2 Island, 2 Mountain, Lightning Strike, Water Servant, and Coral Merfolk and kept it. Manipulative Monstrosities won the roll and decided to go first.
Turn 1:
Manipulative Monstrosities played an Island. Favors from Nyx drew a Plains and played it.
Turn 2:
Manipulative Monstrosities drew a Shock and played a Mountain to cast Coral Merfolk. Favors from Nyx drew another Plains an played it.
Turn 3:
Manipulative Monstrosities drew Magma Jet and played a Mountain. Then cast Shock and Magma Jet to deal 4 damage to Favors from Nyx and Scry 2. Manipulative Monstrosities Scryed an Island and Stoneshock Giant opting to put the Island on the bottom and the Giant on top of the library. Manipulative Monstrosities attacked with the Merfolk. Favors from Nyx drew a Plains and played it.
Turn 4:
Manipulative Monstrosities drew the Giant and played an Island. Then, cast Water Servant and attacked with Coral Merfolk. Favors from Nyx drew a Swamp and played it.
Turn 6:

Manipulative Monstrosities drew a Sealock Monster and played Lightning Strike. Then gave Water Servant +2/-2 by using 2 mana for the first ability. Manipulative Monstrosities attacked with both the creatures. Favors from Nyx drew Traveling Philosopher and conceded.

Game 5 goes to Manipulative Monstrosities
Shipbreaker Kraken (Theros Prerelease)

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