Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Favors from Nyx vs. Manipulative Monstrosities Conclusion

I decided to make a new series to find the best Intro Deck for each release. This will help new players get the best Intro Deck for them if they want to play something like Friday Night Magic but do not know how to build a deck. What I did was put all the decks on MTG Deck Builder and then play tested them. I will play a best out of five series for each match up. In the end the deck that has the greatest percentage of victory will be the best. The first match up is Favors from Nyx and Manipulative Monstrosities.
In the conclusion I will be going over what the better deck was. We have to take into account the real wins and the wins because the opponent had no mana or to much mana. Favors from Nyx won games one and game four. In game one Favors from Nyx had some opposition and so that counts as a real win. But in game four Manipulative Monstrosities did not have any mana and so that does not count. Manipulative Monstrosities won games two, three, and five. In games two and three Manipulative Monstrosities had to work for the win and so both count as real wins. However, in game five Favors from Nyx drew only mana and so Manipulative Monstrosities picked up a fake win. Favors from Nyx had one real win and Manipulative Monstrosities had two so when these decks come head to head Manipulative Monstrosities will generally win. 

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