Sunday, August 4, 2013

Magic 2014 Promos

There are fewer promos in M14 than Gatecrash or Return to Ravnica. This is to be expected as there is only 1 pre-release promo. The M14 pre-release promo is Megantic Sliver. It depicts a sliver standing next to a tall tree. The launch promo is the best, in my opinion. It is Colossal Whale and shows a huge whale jumping out of a wave and over a ship. The game day promo that everyone gets is Hive Stirrings. The art is of some slivers hatching out of heir eggs. The top 8 promo is Goblin Diplomats and its art is some creepy goblins. If you buy a box, the promo you get is Ratchet Bomb made out of gears. If you participate in the league, you get a 1/1 sliver token with some other things. Here are the neat M14 promos:

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