Friday, August 9, 2013

Death Reaper

Liliana's ReaverBogbrew Witch
The third M14 intro deck is Black/Red. The 2 rares are Liliana's Reaver and Bogbrew Witch. Liliana's Reaver is slightly like Ajani's Chosen because it can put creature tokens out. For 4 mana you get a 4/3 with Deathtouch. I like Deathtouch because it makes your opponents slightly less likely to attack. Also the Reaver puts a 2/2 black Zombie onto the battlefield whenever it deals combat damage to a player. So when it attacks, you are faced with a tough decision, have one of your creatures die or have your opponent get a 2/2 and you lose 4 life. The. second rare is Bogbrew Witch. This card is part of a three card cycle, including Bubbling Cauldron and Festering Newt. If you pay 2 mana and tap Bogbrew Witch, you search your library for Bubbling Cauldron or Festering Newt. These cards interact more though because if you pay 1 mana and tap Bubbling Cauldron you sacrifice Festering Newt (when you sacrifice Festering Newt target creature gets -4/-4 if you control Bubbling Cauldron) and each opponent loses 4 life and you gain however much life was lost that way. Death Reaper is a fun deck and I hope you enjoy it.
Lands (25)
Creatures (22)
Other Spells (13)

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