Sunday, July 28, 2013

What is your Favorite #6 Leyline

In Magic 2011 and Guildpact there was a rare cycle of enchantments. These enchantments have 3 things in common. First, the name is always Leyline of Something. Second, they all cost 2 any color mana and 2 mana of their color. Third, if you have one in your opening hand you may put it into play before the game starts. I think that this is very creative and like it a lot. Remember to comment and tell us what your favorite Leyline is.
Leyline of the VoidLeyline of the MeekLeyline of SingularityLeyline of LightningLeyline of LifeforceLeyline of VitalityLeyline of PunishmentLeyline of AnticipationLeyline of SanctityLeyline of the Void

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