Friday, July 26, 2013

Physic Labyrinth

Jace's MindseekerClone
Psychic Labyrinth contains a new rare and one that dates all the way back to Alpha. It's name is Clone. It is a 0/0 for 4, but enters the battlefield as a copy of target creature. It could start out as a simple Ajani's Chosen. And then, with a simple Cloudshift, it could turn into a Kalonian Hydra. The foil rare is not as good as Clone but is not hat bad. Jace's Mindseeker allows you to exile the top 5 cards of an opponents library into his or her library.  Then you get to cast one of those cards without paying its mana cost. Above all that, it is a 4/4 flyer. Here is the Blue/White intro deck Psychic Labyrinth.
Lands (25)
Creatures (20)
Other Spells (15)

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