Monday, April 22, 2013

Dragon's Maze True-or-False Truths

This is the last post in an immensely popular series, the Dragon's Maze Spoilers True-or-False posts. It started when I looked up Ral Zarek  on Google images. From there, I opened a website and saw a post on another blog, Z's Proxy Factory. The post it opened to was Future Set Speculation-Dragon's Maze.  Because my Gatecrash True-or-False was so popular, I decided to make this into another one. Then I was looking on his blog and found another post, Dragon's Maze Mythic 5 Spoiled? I decided to make this into another couple posts too. The 5th post came from Magic Spoiler. Now that Wizards has spoiled the entire set, we can tell if these cards are fake or real.

1. Ral Zarek of the Izzet: Fake
2. Boros Precinct: Fake
3. Drainage CanyonFake
4. Industrial ZoneFake
5. Legislative DistrictFake
6. Murder-GrasFake
7. Orzhov CommonsFake
8. Rubble SlumFake
9. Shadow MarketFake
10. Simic BioCampusFake
11. Vertical GardenFake
12. Azurelshi, Bane of the CultistsFake
13. Acushla, Terror of the ClansFake
14. Davriki, Breaker of the SenateFake
15. Dvermi, Scourge of the ConclaveFake
16. Gavrill, Light Against DarkFake
17. Varolz, the Scar-Striped: Real

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