Friday, April 26, 2013

1 Year Magic Anniversary!

Today is a special day for me because 1 year ago my friend gave me my first Magic deck. I had heard of Magic before but never owned a deck. That night I Googled how to play Magic the Gathering and found a series of 6 videos that thought you how to play Magic. If you are interested, you can find them here. They were very informative and when I finished I knew how to play. This was right before Avacyn Restored came out and when it did, another friend bought me the Green-White intro deck. Before this, I had to split my deck if I wanted to play against myself to get a better grasp on the game. Now I could play with a full deck. The next notable thing in my magic career, though it wan't very notable at the time, was the creation of this blog. The inspiration for this came from my sister who started a very popular book blog called Forever Literary. I wanted to have a blog as well so Magic the Gathering Deck Builder was born. I thought it would become successful very quickly and was devastated when it did not. So I basically abandoned my blog until my sister pulled me back in. About this time, I bought the White-Blue Odric deck from Magic 2013. From September to December, I posted for my enjoyment, not that I do not enjoy posting now, but no one really visited my blog. Then during January people started visiting my blog more often and I was totally excited. I was literally jumping for joy when my blog hit 10,000 views. Since then, the number of people visiting my blog has risen and I hope it will continue to increase. Of course, that is entirely up to you my subscribers, commenters,and viewers. Keep it up and thank you.

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