Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What is your Favorite #2 Gatecrash Avatars

This is the second What is your Favorite post and this time it is Gatecrash Avatars. At first they might seem to have no resemblance, but if you look closer you will see the similarities. First off is the name. They all have Primordial in it. Then the mana cost is the same and they are all rares and Avatars. Next, they have two abilities, one different and one kind of the same. The second ability always starts out, When NAME enters the battlefield, for each opponent, DO SOME THING DIFFERENT. So, at first they might look different, but then you will notice the have many similarities.

Luminate PrimordialDiluvian PrimordialSepulchral PrimordialMolten Primordial
Sylvan Primordial

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