Friday, August 2, 2013

Theros Planeswalker Spoiler True-or-False

I recently spotted on the internet 4 plausible Theros spoilers. So, as always I made it into a True-or-False Spoiler. I am sorry about the problems with Dack. I had some bad problems so sorry.

1. Hall of Oaths
Hall of Oaths is a Legendary Land that allows you to bring back enchantments from your graveyard to your hand. I think this would be a good card if it is real.
Hall of Oaths - Theros Spoiler 

2. Elspeth Ascended
This Elspeth can give protection or put a 6/6 with flying, lifelink, and protection from all colors. I think that she is a game winner.
Elspheth - Theros

3. Elspeth, Paladin for Good
This Elspeth is slightly different. She can put powerful tokens onto the battlefield or get you a mighty Emblem that will destroy all other non-land permanents.  She is sure to be a game winner.
4. Dack Fayden, Master Thief

This master thief will rob your opponents of 10 permanents. Or just take control of one.

1 comment:

  1. First Elspeth can be real, but second is 100% fake. It should be "up to one target solder u control gets ..." , unless it would be unplayabble crap. So emblem is sooooo fake too )

    Dack Fayden is too powerfull, so I think he is fake too.