Saturday, July 20, 2013

Commander/Theros/Heroes VS. Monsters art and spoilers

First: Commander
Today, Wizards of the Coast spoiled 1 card of the new Commander set.
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Second: Heroes VS. Monsters
Today, Wizards of the Coast spoiled the 2 mythics for the upcoming Duel Decks. The Heroes mythic is the reprint Sun Titan with new art. And the Monsters have a Hydra named Polukranus.
 Sun Titan - Heroes vs Monsters SpoilerEmbedded image permalink
Third: Theros
The first part of this section will be random art.
Theros Art SpoilerTheros HeroTheros Art Spoiler 3Theros Minotaur
Theros Hero 2

The second part Will be the art for the three major Theros cities. In this order, Meletis, Akros, then Setessa.
Meletis city Theros Spoiler
Akros city Theros Spoiler
Setessa city Theros Spoiler

Third part are the Heroes. As far as I know, the Heroes will act like Vanguards. As I have not been playing Magic for very long, I do not know what that means but I will update you as soon as possible.
The Protector - Theros Spoiler PrereleaseThe Philosopher - Theros SpoilerThe Avenger - Theros SpoilerThe Warrior - Theros SpoilerThe Hunter - Theros Spoiler

Fourth part is art for some god creatures. There are 5 gods, one of each color.
Nylea, Theros god of the hunt
Nylea, God of the Hunt
Erebos - Theros God
The full name is not spoiled yet, but this is Erebos.
MtG Theros Art
Again, no full name. Here is Heliod

Fifth part is some planeswalker info.
There will be 3 planeswalkers in Theros.
One will be Elspeth, and one will probably be Dack. The last planeswalker will also be new.
Here are 2 Elspeth pictures.
Elspeth Planeswalker Theros Art
Jenna Helland - Theros Spoiler
The best part of Theros is there will be a new frame. It is depicted in a blank card of Erebos.
Embedded image permalink
Sorry if this post is really big. I just wanted to make sure you were able to see all the new great stuff Theros has to offer.

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