Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blog Birthday + GIVEAWAY!!!

You may or may not have notices that my blog's birthday is on the 4th of July. I did not do that on purpose. Last year I went to Colorado for a vacation and wanted to create my blog before I went. I flew out on the 5th, so I made it on the 4th. Anyway, Magic the Gathering Deck Builder and Spoiler (formerly Magic the Gathering Deck Builder) has been in creation for 1 year and I am very excited. This year I have only been doing my own thing and have not really tried to expand. I wasn't sure that I wanted to keep going so I didn't want to expand only to quit. Before my blog  turns 2 I want to have at least 1 sponsor and have done more giveaways. If you remember correctly, I will do a giveaway when I reach 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 members. Also, I would like to be more active on my blogs Twitter @MTGDBAS. The most important thing to me is that my viewers actually like my content and the only way for me to know this is by comments. So feel free  to comment and give me suggestions and I will try my very hardest to get it done.

This is the part that everyone is waiting for, the giveaway! Because MTGDBAS's B-day is on the 4th of July I made a giveaway to fit that. The winner will receive 3 cards, a red, a blue, and a white. I have made 4 different "packs" each with 1 red, white, and blue card. I will reveal these choices in posts on the 6th-9th. I like it when giveaways have more then one way to earn points so this one will have many.
1: Comment saying something like please enter me (once).
1: Tweet at my blogs twitter @MTGDBAS (as many times as you like but must be more than a sentence).
1: Give me a suggestion on how to make my blog better (as many times as you like, and if I use your suggestion I will give you and extra 15 entries).
2: Comment on another post (as many times as you like but the comment must be meaningful).
3: Become a member.
10: Get a friend to become a subscriber and have them comment saying that you referred them.

This contest will end when it reaches 100 participants or 500 entries. Plus, if during the contest I reach 20 members I will give the winner a Foil Rakdos Ringleader. If I reach 50 members then the winner will get a pack of any standard set. Finally if I get 100 members the winner will receive a intro deck. Good luck and start earning entries.

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