Monday, June 17, 2013

Orzhov Power

Teysa, Envoy of GhostsCrypt Ghast
The 2 rares for Orzhov Power are Teysa the champion and Crypt Ghast. Of these two, Crypt Ghast is undoubtedly the better card. Teysa is powerful with protection from creatures and she is a 4/4. Plus, whenever a creature hurts you, you get to exact revenge by turning it into a measly 1/1 insubstantial spirit. The downside is that she costs 7 mana. Crypt Ghast is only 2 mana for a greater card. If he is on the battlefield, your swamps basically have TAP add black black to your mana pool. This is because whenever you tap a swamp you add black to your mana pool. Also, with extort, you can deal 1 damage to each player and gain a bunch of life in the process. Here is the decklist for the third intro deck Orzhov Power:
Lands (27)
Creatures (23)
Other spells (11)

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