Friday, June 28, 2013

Orzhov Lifelink Deck Teck

If you remember correctly, on my Rakdos Revelry post I told you about my Ajani, Rhox Faithmender, Healer of the Pride combo. Just for fun I am making a deck teck. I have never made a deck before so this deck will probably be terrible. The point of Orzhov Lifelink is to gain a insane amount of life. There are many cards in the deck that will allow you to gain more then 100 life per turn if paired with other cards. Feel free to help me by posting changes in the comments. Here is my very own creation, Orzhov Lifelink.


4   Isolated Chapel 
4   Godless Shrine 
4   Swamp 
4   Plains 

16   Lands


0   Sideboard Cards


2   Ajani's Pridemate 
2   Ajani's Sunstriker 
4   Healer of the Pride 
4   Rhox Faithmender 
4   Windbrisk Raptor 
4   Blood Baron of Vizkopa 
4   Serra Ascendant 

24   Creatures

Other Spells:

2   Ajani Goldmane 
4   Ajani, Caller of the Pride 
4   True Conviction 
4   Debt to the Deathless 
4   Gideon, Champion of Justice 
2   Ready // Willing 

20   Other Spells

First, we have Ajani's Pridemate. This is a great second turn card as it gets bigger each time you gain life. In this deck, it will become a great threat because you will be gaining life many times each turn. Ajani's Sunstriker is another turn 2 card like Ajani's Pridemate. It is very annoying because it can come out early and gain you a couple life. It is less effective in the mid to late game. Then, there is Healer of the Pride. This is one of the three main cards for this deck. It will gain you 2 life every time a creature enters the battlefield and with 24 creature that is a lot of life, especially when you have 4 of them. Rhox Faithmender is a, exceedingly annoying card. It will let you gain 2 times the amount of life you will normally get. Combine this with Healer of the Pride and you will gain insane amounts of life. Windbrisk Raptor is a main card in this deck, giving attacking creatures you control lifelink. Because Orzhov Lifelink is all about life gain a card that give creatures lifelink is insane. The newest card in this deck is Blood Baron of Vizkopa. It will become a true threat only when you have 30 or more life and any opponent has less then 10 life. At that point it will have pro black and white, flying, lifelink, and will be a 10/10. Serra Ascendant is one of the best 1 drops in Magic. For only 1 mana you get a 1/1. But that is not all. If you have more than 30 life it will get flying and +5/+5. Now for the other spells.

There are 2 Ajani Goldmane planeswalkers in this deck so you can have some avatars that are huge. However, there are better cards so there are only 2. Then next planeswalker is Ajani, Caller of the Pride. He is in here to give you literally hundreds (in some cases) of 2/2 cats. Combine this with Healer of the Pride and Rhox Faithmender and you will be unstoppable. Gideon, Champion of Justice is in here so you can exile all permanents. Yes there are better cards that will allow you to exile all permanents but I like Gideon because he can change into a creature and attack.

True Conviction is the only enchantment in here and is amazing. Creatures you control will have lifelink and double strike. That means that you will gain double the amount of life. Plus with Rhox Faithmender you will be able to gain 4 times the amount of life. Ready//Willing is in here just for Willing. On the third turn it will give creatures you control lifelink and deathtouch, a daunting prospect. Also, costing only 3 mana, it will be able to be played before Windbrisk Raptor of True Conviction. The final card is also from Dragon's Maze. It is Debt to the Deathless. This great sorcery will gain you a lot of life while whiling down you opponent's life. After a couple turns you will probably win the game unless a opponent has a card like Door to Nothingness. Please help my deck out by posting changes in the comments.

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