Thursday, June 20, 2013

100 Posts Post

For my 100th post I have decided to make a post all about winners. Everyone in America, thank you for giving my blog the most views, over 10,000. If you have viewed my blog using Chrome you win the most pageviews by browser award. The next award will go to more then 70% of my viewers because it is most pageviews by operating system award (if you use Windows, you win this award). Now we have awards for actual posts. Dragon's Maze Spoiler True-or-False #1 wins the most views and comments award. Magic Celebration 2013 wins most neglected post as it has 0 views. Maybe after I talk about it here it will get more views. And finally, the last award is bestowed upon Sean. He wins the most active member award. I hope everyone was a winner on my 100 posts post.

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