Monday, April 1, 2013

New Guild Gates!

These new guild gates have the same text as the old ones, but they do have new art. This art is just a zoomed out version of the Ravnica and Gatecrash gates. I am disappointed by the Boros gate because it just zoomed out a tiny bit unlike the Selesnya gate, where Wizards made the new gate zoom way out and look very neat. Comment about which ones you like more.

Simic GuildgateSimic GuildgateAzorius GuildgateAzorius GuildgateBoros GuildgateBoros Guildgate
Dimir GuildgateDimir Guildgate
Golgari GuildgateGolgari GuildgateGruul GuildgateGruul Guildgate
Izzet GuildgateIzzet GuildgateOrzhov GuildgateOrzhov GuildgateRakdos GuildgateRakdos GuildgateSelesnya GuildgateSelesnya Guildgate

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