Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Planeswalker Ever?

Just today, Wizards has spoiled the Ral Zarek planeswalker for Dragon's Maze. When I first saw it my immediate thought was, this is the best planeswalker ever.
Ral Zarek
First, only four mana. Next, four loyalty. Now it is time for the abilities.
+1 Tap a permanent then untap a permanent. This is pretty good; you get to get rid of an attacker or a blocker then untap an attacker or blocker for you.
-2 It deals 3 damage to target creature or player. This isn't a very good -2 ability. It is a boring old deal 3 damage.
-7 Flip five coins, then take an extra turn after this one for each heads. This ability is just plain great. You could take five extra turns and each turn tap a creature then untap a creature each turn. Very rarely do you see a card that allows you to take an extra turn and this one will let you take up to five. Let's feature a few.

Most of these cards make you lose a turn before or after your extra turn. One kills you during your second turn. Some more make it so that you might not take an extra turn even though you cast the spell.  Here they are:
Wormfang MantaFinal FortuneLast ChanceMagosi, the WaterveilNotorious ThrongSavor the MomentSearch the CitySecond ChanceSeedtimeStitch in TimeTemporal ExtortionTime VaultTimesifterWanderwine ProphetsWarrior's OathTime SieveMagistrate's ScepterLighthouse Chronologist

Only a few allow you to automatically take an extra turn and then you only take one. Here they are:
Time WarpTime WalkTemporal MasteryTemporal ManipulationCapture of JingzhouEmrakul, the Aeons Torn
You might think that you might not take any extra turns if you get all tails, but you probably will get at least 1 heads and even one allows you to take an extra turn.
The only other planeswalkers that contend for what I think the best planeswalker is are Ajani, caller of the pride, and Gideon, Champion of Justice. Feel free to comment and tell everyone what your favorite Planeswalker is.

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  1. Jace the Mind Sculptor is far and away the best planeswalker. Showing you 3 cards is just insane, and he can protect himself.

    That being said, I think Ajani Vengeant is better than our buddy Ral Zarek. Same converted mana cost, +1 keeps something tapped through their turn. His -2 gives you 3 life in addition to dealing 3 damage, and his ultimate is like this guy's, game winning. I do think he's very cool however.