Monday, March 18, 2013

Sorin vs. Tibalt

In this newest dual deck Wizards pits Sorin against Tibalt. Because Sorin is the second oldest planeswalker and Tibalt is one of the newest, this battle should tilt to Sorin. Of course, my blog is not about Magic stories; it is mostly about cards. The two cards about which I will talk are, of course, Sorin and Tibalt.

First is Sorin. This Vampire can put an army of 1/1 vampires, then boost all of them with his -2 ability. Then he can steal any 3 target creatures or planeswalkers including Tibalt himself. Once he has Tibalt, he can steal all creatures and deal a crushing blow to your opponent.

Tibalt's plan is to attack, attack, attack. He has to kill Sorin's army before he is taken to the other side. Fortunately, he can control all of Sorin's Vampires to deal a bunch of damage.

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