Monday, March 25, 2013

Magic 2014 Spoilers True-or-False/ Dragon's Maze Mythic Land Promo Art/ New Block Info

As you can see from the title of this post, I will be including lots of information. First off is The True-or-False part.

This is just a basic common. If you can't see, it is a 3 mana 4/1 Elemental Cat.
Regathan Firecat - M14 Spoiler

The Dragon's Maze Prerelease card will be the mythic land. The regular art has not yet been spoiled, but I hope it will be soon.
Maze's End - Dragon Maze Spoiler

The next block will be called Theros. The first set will probably be called Theros and the second will be called Born of the Gods. Then there will be Journey into Nyx. I think this block will be interesting because to me it sounds like there will be lots of powerful enchantments and I love enchantments. Wizards has spoiled one art for this block and it looks neat.

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