Friday, October 5, 2012

Return to Ravnica!

Today is the day Return to Ravnica comes out! In this block, they are returning to the streets of Ravnica. Return to Ravnica has five of the ten Guilds: Azorius, Izzet, Golgari, Rakdos, and Selesnya. Each Guild has a leader (You can check those out in my former post). Another great thing about Return to Ravnica is that all the Guilds have a special Ability or Mechanic (I will make sure to post about all of those later). Return to Ravnica also introduces a new planeswalker, Vraska. The next thing to look forward to is Gatecrash! Gatecrash is the next set and introduces the last five Guilds of Ravnica. Gatecrash comes out on February 1, 2013. Be sure to look out for my upcoming posts about the Intro packs, Event decks, and other things Ravnica.

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